6 June 2020

As the CORONAVIRUS led to lockdown and stock markets fell we were buyers of equities. We based this not on optimistic expectations of recovery but on our being able to diagnose panic in markets. One of the most profitable times to be buying is when people are selling irrespective of price.   In the last 50 days the US stock...
News SALIX Investment Commentary

4 April 2020

Here is our latest investment commentary for April 2020 SALIX-investment-commentary-APRIL-20200423Download

3 March 2020

Investment Managers Richard Farmiloe and Max Thowless-Reeves discuss the latest bear market, its causes beyond coronavirus, and what investors might expect.
News MARCH 2020 – SALIX Market Update

3 March 2020

SALIX-investment-commentary-negative-yields-coronavirus-panicDownload Due to the current extraordinary market conditions, we have experienced huge volatility which have been extremely unpredictable. Follow the link to see our recent investment commentary for March and the coronavirus panic.
News SALIX update: Negative Yields & Coronavirus panic

3 March 2020

These are "fast markets": prices of most assets are highly volatile. Risk assets (equity, property, industrial commodities) are down and "safe" assets (sovereign debt, gold) are up.  We always position our clients for resilience, and while we cannot avoid some “red ink” in portfolios we have seen their values cushioned by this. Yesterday we witnessed the first time ever that UK gilt...
News SALIX Market update 9th March

3 March 2020

The escalation in coronavirus cases will continue to increase at pace and no one can forecast the eventual numbers. An economic slowdown is inevitable. However, policymakers have, and will continue to, cut interest rates and another phase of global QE looks likely.  Tumbling Oil prices will also act as a stimulus to consumers. The most likely outcome of such a...
News Our Views: Coronavirus

3 March 2020

CORONAVIRUS—FEBRUARY 2020 The big news story dominating the headlines over the past few weeks is the coronavirus outbreak. Inevitably this outbreak will affect global growth in the short term in two ways: an immediate fall in demand, as people are either quarantined or choose to stay at home; and the closure of shops and factories, resulting in normal consumer spending...

10 October 2019

So the 31st October Brexit deadline finally approaches. Investors will rightly ask: what do we believe may happen, and how are we positioned ahead of it? Well firstly, we should state the absolute difficulty around postulating any Brexit investment solution. The situation is so fluid, and investor reaction to a range of outcomes so unpredictable, we do not believe it...