SALIX WEALTH was founded with a clear objective: To provide unsurpassed quality, security and outstanding performance.

SALIX WEALTH are experts in our field of competence yet we are never pretentious; we are spirited, highly competent and firmly focused on our clients’ requirements.

Uniquely, we have chosen to headquarter outside London because we recognise that in doing so, we can pass on measurable benefits to our clients.

Critically, we have no conflicts of interest. Instead, we meticulously assess each individual client and develop a deep understanding of their financial objectives. Our team of industry leaders only select those platforms that offer the right combination of security, functionality and price. They structure bespoke solutions, combining fresh-thinking and creativity combined with state of the art technology and up to the minute research.

SALIX WEALTH offers a dynamically different approach to wealth management. And this is why we will commit to outperforming our clients’ expectations.