SALIX WEALTH are a Midlands based firm owned and managed by its founders. We orchestrate fully-integrated tax, legal and financial advice for clients responsible for significant assets. We commit to delivering outstanding performance and as we have no conflicts of interest we will always put our clients’ long-term interests first.

We recognise that no two individuals are the same and that every family has different needs. Together, we will establish your wealthprint by helping you identify what makes you unique and deliver outcomes specifically tailored to your financial DNA.

We assist in structuring and administering our clients’ financial universe in an independent and consummately professional manner. We understand that needs change over time, so we are flexible in our delivery. How we deliver our services is critical and we care passionately about the relationships we build with our clients. One at a time.

  • We co-ordinate professional services, philanthropy, tax planning, and communication.
  • We operate as a shared resource within the family and between families.
  • We use the institutional strength of our clients but maintain a service level designed around people.
  • We guard our clients against high costs, poor performance and unsuitable risks.